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Ortus Economic Research is a specialist analysis and insight consultancy which provides a range of research and evidence gathering services to a broad range of clients.

The majority of our clients are interested in some aspect of the economy that they work within.  That’s why we often say that we work in economic research.  But this is a very broad term.  We’re innately interested in finding out how economies work, how they are changing and what challenges they are facing – and articulating this to our clients so they can act.

That could be through developing a new programme or project to address a market failure, or to moderate an existing one based on knowledge of where it is succeeding or not.  It could be to design a central government policy to influence economic growth.  Or it could simply be to communicate those findings to the world in order to raise awareness of an important issue within their area of interest.

Our role is to provide the data, analysis and insight needed to make a difference – and that’s what we do.

Our company was established in early 2017.  Our Directors were previously colleagues at Trends Business Research Ltd, where they held senior positions.