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Andrew is a highly experienced consultant and project director, having worked in the field for 24 years. Over this time he has developed a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in the development of robust, reliable evidence and its application in developing projects, programmes and implementing policy. He brings a strong track record having played a key role in many of Ortus’s economic and culture research projects and experience of heritage-led economic development projects.

Andrew was previously Managing Director at Trends Business Research Ltd (TBR). During his career at TBR he has progressed from researcher through project manager to the overall leadership of the company and research team. His skills include the collection and interpretation of both quantitative and qualitative data for understanding the current and potential impact of sectors or infrastructure.  His work in the creative and cultural sectors has been extensive.

Throughout his career, Andrew has also worked closely with key economic datasets, including longitudinal business data. His knowledge and experience in finding applications for the services that are derived from quantitative secondary data is extensive. He is an advocate of the use of quantitative data not only to describe outcomes and economic structures, but also to understand precisely the nature of change and what is driving this change.  Perhaps Andrew’s key skill is working with clients to ensure that projects delivered by Ortus deliver precisely the evidence and information required to support decision making, in the most effective and efficient way possible.

T: 07966 582133