UK Space clusters

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The UK Space sector has demonstrated that it is of key importance to the UK economy as a sector with significant growth potential. The Innovation Caucus at Sheffield University provides a range of advice and support to Innovate UK through its funding arrangements. The Innovation Caucus brought Ortus Economic Research into their team to develop a toolkit to allow existing and developing Space clusters across the UK to undertake a self-assessment of their strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The self-assessment will be used drive decisions on support and funding. Our role was twofold: firstly, to assess available data related to the sector to consider whether there was an available source that could be used to quantify the size and value of local space clusters, and secondly to engage with…
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Heritage and place branding

NDPB, Place, Research, analysis and evidence
Whilst working at TBR, Andrew Graves and Andrew Rowell led a project (working in partnership with Middlesex University and Pomegranate Consulting) to deliver a project that explores the role of heritage in place branding. This work was designed to contribute to the annual Heritage Counts series and the subject matter was selected specifically by the Historic Environment Forum (HEF). At the time, there was an increasing focus on how heritage influences place and this study contributed to the evidence base in that theme. The project began with a conceptual review of effective place branding and how heritage features within this as well as a brief review of ‘agents’ involved in place branding around England and their roles. It proceeded to capture evidence of how heritage is employed within place branding…
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Heritage Economic Impact Indicators

Economic growth, NDPB, Research, analysis and evidence
We are generating the third iteration of our analysis of the economic value and impact of Heritage to the UK economy.  This year we are also including estimates of the value of heritage volunteering to develop further the insight delivered by this project.  The outputs will include an interactive tool to present the range of indicators address through the study.
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