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We do what is needed to deliver insight to our clients that takes them forward.  Over our careers we have honed a range of technical, strategy and communication skills to ensure we can deliver effectively and efficiently.  We also try every day to add value to our projects by going the extra mile, asking the additional question and identifying issues for further examination.

Our key technical skills include:

Secondary data capture and analysis.  We understand intimately the data landscape for economic research studies.  We know how to source, manipulate and analyse data to identify key messages and their implications.  Data presentation and visualisation are key elements of this.  We hold Approved Researcher status with the Office of National Statistics in the UK.  Our work also leads us to use data from other countries (e.g. Australia and USA), so we build on our extensive expertise in understanding data and how it can be employed beyond our own shores.

Primary data capture and analysis.  Our projects, whether research or evaluation in nature, often stretch beyond the utility of secondary data.  We need to capture new primary data, often from businesses, education institutions, policy makers and others that hold a stake in the economies we investigate.  We have a long history of designing questionnaire and other tools to capture quantitative and qualitative data in a consistent and perceptive way.  We work with professional market research companies when surveys are at scale.

Project and resource management.  Even the smallest projects require careful planning and delivery.  We use a blend of formal project management skills with tools to design, plan, deliver and monitor project performance.  We do this in a transparent and open manner, working with our clients to overcome the challenges that inevitably strike in complex research projects.

Reporting and communication.  Whatever the results of our work, these need presenting and communicating in order for their value to be truly maximised.  Whether it be a formal research report, data tool, presentation or executive summary, we use a blend of narrative and visuals to get our message across.  We are highly experience at presenting findings to technical, policy and other audiences.

Working with others.  Our associate and partner network fills in any gaps in our knowledge or skill sets.  We work with a range of individuals and companies in collaboration to ensure the appropriate team is fielded for each project.  Our project and resource management approaches allow us to do so in a seamless and highly efficient way so that our client gets the best of both worlds – a multidisciplinary and highly skills supplier working productively to deliver their project to time and budget.