About Ortus

Established in 2017, Ortus Economic Research is a dynamic business providing economic analysis, research and consultancy advice.

Our clients range across the public, private and third sectors and our portfolio is growing rapidly as we build our profile and grow our core business.

We focus our energy and expertise on supporting our clients in addressing the strategic challenges that they face.  These challenges tend to involve the development or assessment of strategies and policies to address key economic, social or workforce issues within across the UK.  We also have assisted clients based in the US and Australia.

Our aim is to become a valued consultancy partner for each of our clients, built upon close partnership working, integration with their culture and sharing their values and goals.

Our team is innately interested in finding out how economies, markets and organisations work, how they are changing and what challenges they are facing – and articulating this to our clients so they plan their response.

That could be through developing a new programme or project to address a market failure, or to evaluate an existing one to determine its impact.  It could be to design a local government policy to influence economic growth.  Or it could simply be to communicate key strategy and policy messages to the world in order to raise awareness of an important issue within our clients’ areas of interest.

Our role is to provide the analysis, insight and consultancy support needed to make a difference – and that’s what we do.

Our Directors were previously colleagues at Trends Business Research Ltd, where they held senior positions and led many of the company’s most high-profile commissions.