Impact assessment of the 2015 Sunderland Economic Masterplan

Economic growth, Local Authority, Strategy and policy development
Sunderland City Council commissioned the Ortus team (whilst at TBR) to undertake an assessment of the likely economic impacts that are likely to arise through the delivery of the Economic Masterplan. The study delivered a baseline assessment of the Sunderland economy based on published statistics, economic projections and knowledge of recent and “live” projects to establish a “starting point”. This was followed by an assessment and analysis of the anticipated quantitative and qualitative outputs and outcomes of the programme of activities identified by Economic Leadership Board (and its supporting Results Groups) from the 3,6,9 Framework. These measures included: Contribution to economic growth Contribution to productivity output, employment and incomes Contribution to business growth and diversification The assessment reported on three direct quantitative impacts: Gross Value Added (GVA) as a measure…
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