The role of culture, heritage and sport in place-shaping

Government, Place, Research, analysis and evidence
In 2015 the CASE programme commissioned our team (whilst working at TBR), along with Middlesex University and NEF Consulting, to undertake an important and ground-breaking study examining the role that cultural, sporting and heritage assets and investment play in shaping local places. This study focused on generating evidence to support the argument that culture, heritage and sports infrastructure and investment have the ability to promote economic and social outcomes. The stated aim of the study was to examine the extent to which culture, heritage and sport infrastructure and investment within a place influence (through direct and indirect impacts, tangible and intangible) the economy and society of that place. The published report is available at:
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Heritage and place branding

NDPB, Place, Research, analysis and evidence
Whilst working at TBR, Andrew Graves and Andrew Rowell led a project (working in partnership with Middlesex University and Pomegranate Consulting) to deliver a project that explores the role of heritage in place branding. This work was designed to contribute to the annual Heritage Counts series and the subject matter was selected specifically by the Historic Environment Forum (HEF). At the time, there was an increasing focus on how heritage influences place and this study contributed to the evidence base in that theme. The project began with a conceptual review of effective place branding and how heritage features within this as well as a brief review of ‘agents’ involved in place branding around England and their roles. It proceeded to capture evidence of how heritage is employed within place branding…
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