North of Tyne Business Survey 2023

Combined Authority, Economic growth, Research, analysis and evidence
Ortus and Qa Research were commissioned by the North of Tyne Combined Authority to deliver a business survey on behalf of its constituent local authorities. The survey explored business performance following the Covid-19 pandemic, actions being taken to reduce businesses’ carbon emissions and environmental impacts, and the take-up and need for business support services. We undertook a telephone survey of registered businesses, alongside an online survey which was targeted at unregistered businesses (freelancers, sole traders and partnerships) via the client partners’ and other local business networks. In total, 860 interviews were completed, allowing robust analysis at parliamentary constituency level to help large local authorities understand the businesses in their area. Findings were presented in a detailed final report, alongside a data pack with extensive data tables and statistical analysis.
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Midlands Engine export research

Economic growth, NDPB, Research, analysis and evidence, Sectors
Ortus and Qa Research have delivered the latest in a series of research studies of exporting activity across the Midlands Engine area. As well as levels of exporting and barriers preventing/enabling factors supporting exporting, the surveys also reviewed business support challenges and, in the most recent survey, examined the impacts of Brexit and Covid-19. The research also provides an assessment of the levels of actual and potential exporting required in each LEP to contribute to regional and national targets. The 2021 study delivered a survey of 1,725 businesses (employing 5 or more people) in the Midlands Engine region, including minimum quotas per Local Enterprise Partnership area in order to produce results which were robust at LEP level.
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Skills Needs in the Offshore Wind, Tourism and Health & Social Care sectors in the North East

Local Enterprise Partnership, Research, analysis and evidence, Sectors, Skills and labour markets
The North East Local Enterprise Partnership commissioned Ortus in partnership with Qa Research to conduct a study with businesses working in these key sectors to identify skills needs, and use the findings to inform the North East Skills Advisory Panel’s work. Established in 2019, the Skills Advisory Panel is a local partnership which aims to strengthen the link between public and private sector employers, local authorities, training providers, FE colleges and universities to help the North East LEP fulfil its local leadership role in the skills system by understanding current and future skills needs and labour market challenges. We were commissioned to undertake 370 15-minute CATI surveys – 45 with businesses operating within the off-shore wind sector, 125 with businesses operating in the Health & Social Care sector and 200…
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