Strategy and policy development

We help our clients design strategies and policies to achieve their organisational goals and deliver sustainable impact for sectors, communities and places.

In designing strategies and policies, our starting point is extracting the maximum insight from the available evidence base, identifying the strengths upon which to build, weaknesses to mitigate and market failures to address. We look beyond the headlines to understand what is driving the results observed in the data – they ‘why’ and ‘how’ to explain the ‘what’. This allows us to identify the factors that need to be changed – through strategy design and implementation – in order to influence outcomes and achieve strategic goals.

Working in partnership with our clients and the stakeholders for each project is crucial when developing strategy. Through collaboration we build local ownership of the emerging strategy and avoid a ‘not made here’ response which inevitably limits the impact of a strategy that has been conceived without the input of local stakeholders and delivery partners. Gaining local commitment to the strategy and the actions that flow from it is vital to long term success.