Continuing our work in Innovation

Ortus was pleased to be asked by UKRI, via our partners in the Innovation Caucus at Oxford Brookes Business School, to undertake two reviews.  The first is in relation to innovation prizes, looking at the role of prizes in stimulating innovation, how they fit into the wider landscape and examining the journey of prize winners and runners up.  This is due to report in May 2023 and will feed into a wider review that Innovate UK is undertaking into the role of Innovation prizes.

The second is to undertake a desk research exercise to review existing evidence and models relating to the economic impact of social sciences research, for ESRC.  This is a largely unexplored topic, so the first exercise is to review what material and research exists and whether it provides any existing quantitative insight into the return on investment from social science research, and whether any impacts models exist.  This study is due to report in June 2023.

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