Doncaster’s Economic Strategy and Action Plan

In 2018, Doncaster set out its ambition for an economy that promoted inclusive growth in their Inclusive Growth Strategy 2018-21.  Ortus worked with the council during the process of developing its strategy to undertake a study of the major platforms for economic growth, examining key sectors and the foundational economy and identifying the contributions that could be made to inclusive growth objectives.

In 2022, the council set about refreshing its strategy and integrating additional elements, namely the concept of a regenerative economy to complement the central theme of inclusivity.  Ortus was commissioned to lead a refresh of the platforms for growth study, again examining sectors of opportunity and economic niches and focusing on supporting innovation, working with Kada Research.

The project also includes the development of a structured plan that identifies the actions and interventions which stakeholders need to take to realise the potential and opportunities identified in the research report.  This will also include baselines, milestones and phasing to assist measurement of progress in the future.

The inclusive growth strategy which integrates our work on Industry platforms and innovation, can be found here.

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