Economic impact assessment of the Energy Central project

Energy Central is a successful strategic partnership which has been established to promote the Blyth Estuary’s key role in the UK offshore renewable energy sector, through the development of key industrial sites, building research capability, and ensuring a skills pipeline that is relevant to the needs of the sector.

The economic regeneration organisation Advance Northumberland (one of the partners in Energy Central) appointed a partnership of New Skills Consulting and Ortus ER to deliver an economic impact assessment of Energy Central and its potential to deliver further economic benefits in the future, based on a pipeline of development projects and initiatives. Key requirements of this project included providing a baseline position by mapping the current size and scale of the energy sector in the Blyth area and evidence of the future growth potential and importance of the sector to the regional, and national economies. The research also engaged with a wide range of stakeholders to understand the range of developments and initiatives that are in the pipeline and the nature and scale of impacts that may arise.

The assessment has provided clear messages about the potential of Energy Central to enable the partnership to secure future investment and support. The evidence will be used to support and inform lobbying and funding applications.

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