ERDF Summative Assessment of the Tees Valley Screen Programme

North East Screen (formerly Northern Film + Media) commissioned Ortus Economic Research, working with our regular associate Mark Adamson, to deliver the summative assessment of the Tees Valley Screen programme.

The assessment was required to achieve three goals: to report on the project’s performance and impacts, to assess the progress made towards achieving the overall goal of the project including good practice, and to investigate the level of efficiency in the project management and approach and consideration of North East Screen’s quality of service and how it can be approved. In line with the ERDF guidance, the evaluation considered key areas, including: the impact and benefit of the project; lessons learned and how this informed potential future activity; contributions to and impact on economic value; and key performance indicators – both existing within the project and consideration of additional indicators to improve delivery and impact assessment. The evaluation also reviewed the effectiveness of the project’s delivery, identifying key strengths and ‘what worked’ in service delivery, and assessment of future sustainability and growth.

Our work involved reviewing programme documentation, analysing monitoring data, undertaking depth interviews with stakeholders, partners and beneficiaries, delivering a robust beneficiary survey, data analysis, undertaking an economic impact and value for money assessment and reporting our results and findings. We also made a number of recommendations for consideration in future business case applications for funding and when delivering similar programmes in the future.

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