Evidence base to support Gateshead’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund application

Gateshead Council required support to develop their application for funding from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF). The application window was very tight and capacity within the relevant teams very constrained. As well as requiring additional capacity within their team, the council also required expertise related to building evidence-based narratives which explain the key economic and social challenges faced by Gateshead, and to which the UKSPF funding could be targeted.

Ortus was approached and commissioned to play this role, working very closely with the Strategic Funding Programmes Manager and team to develop a cohesive application and supporting evidence base. Working under very challenging deadlines, the Ortus team delivered the required outputs to time and budget.

Gateshead Council was successful in its application and has been awarded £11.6 million to deliver the outcomes set out in the application.

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