The size and performance of the UK’s Low Carbon industries

This project was a data-driven analysis of this highly dynamic and emerging sector. The Ortus team, whilst working at TBR, led a multi-disciplinary team that designed and implemented a novel and comprehensive methodology. The study required the development of new definitions for the low carbon economy based on numerous sub-sectors, the capture and analysis of business and economic data for each sub-sector (including GVA), a large survey to capture business operations and financial data which was robust at the level of each sub-sector, economic and data modelling to generate population-level estimates and the production of a published report. The study used economic impact assessment techniques and followed Green and Magenta Book guidelines.

The study has been used by UK Government as well as a wide range of stakeholders to evidence the economic value of the low carbon economy and the relative contribution made by the various technologies and sub-sectors which constitute this increasingly important and growing sector. Our report remains the most up to date assessment of this crucial sector commissioned by the UK Government.


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